Novel Experience(s) Week

Posted by Gary Hink November 5th, 2009


M 09-Nov          read:

W 11-Nov     No classesVeterans Day
                     Due: Response 5Prompt (deadline 11:59pm)

F 13-Nov     EGO Conference: see schedule below.
                     Due: Blog Entry, “Inventory” about lessons thus far; see more below.




M 09-Nov          read:

T 10-Nov          (guest lecture, optional) Rescheduled

    Noah Wardrip-Fruin
    (Asst Professor, UC-Santa Cruz).
    “Process-Oriented Fictions:
    Narrative in the Age of Media Machines.”

    5pm, 285 Reitz. More Info

W 11-Nov         No classes—Veterans Day
                     Due: Response 5
Blog Entry due Friday
R 12-Nov

9th Annual Conference
F 13-Nov
    Class meets in 150 Pugh Hall;
    choose 2pm or 3:30 session
    (attendance required;
    normal policy applies

    EGO Conference Schedule

    Keynote Speaker:
    Dominick LaCapra (Cornell University). “Sebald, Coetzee, and
    the Narrative of Trauma”
    Ustler Atrium, 13-Nov 7pm
additional UF events:

F 13-Nov

    Good Bye DDR:
    Memory and Material Culture

    Dauer Hall (10am-5pm). Schedule
    see especially:
    “Memory and Visual Culture”


F 13-Nov

    UF School of Art + Art History
    “ArtBash” 2009

    6-9pm, Fine Arts Complex
    (Fine Arts Buildings A/B/C/D)

13-14 Nov
    2009 Florida Writers Festival. Schedule


Newer : W.A.S.T.E.

Older : Intuiting Affect

2 Responses

  1. Gary Hink says:


    For Friday’s blog entry:

    Inventory of key lessons from the past three novels,
    concerning both new/different ways of thinking
    and specific aesthetic techniques in the novels —
    the authors’ poetics, in their “novel” (innovative) expression of experience.
    This can be a brief list of particular items, to add/adjust and consider later.
    Additionally, provide a short rationale about which technique or lesson seems most effective for our project, in reflection, as well as your insights thus far about the “impossible” task of imagining and expressing others’ historically-specific experience
    (and any other new knowledge about novel aesthetics, affect, time, narrative, intuition, etc).

    Remember, this inventory is the “Analogy” component of the CATTt method for invention. We are deriving lessons and techniques that we will try to implement in our experiment, creating new discourse for experience in a scholarly context. More on this coming soon.

  2. Gary Hink says:


    Additional entry, for blogging extra credit:

    discuss one of the presentations from the conference panel that you attended, within our context (using any of the course ideas, issues, or terms). Don’t worry if you need to generalize about the panelist’s points (if you can’t remember specific details); more important to describe your reflection upon the conference themes: history, memory, trauma, nostalgia, literary/aesthetic representation.
    Overall, best to articulate any consequent new ideas, perspectives, insights, reconsideration, etc. from hearing the presentation — any lessons for our project? Any comparison/contrast with our method and experiment, such as judgment vs. aesthetic (Life) apparatus? Feel free to conjecture.

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