The Learning Screen

ENG 1131-1801 Writing through Media Fall 2010

Emblematic Gestures



    » Due: “Fakebook” Update (21-Nov) — Inventory

  • reminder: opportunity for extra credit (blog, discussion/comments, Exercise—respectively)


M 22-Nov      Discuss: Emblem (invention+discovery) — Final Project Part I

  • Review: Chp. 9 & Chp. 10

      — especially Office sections (pp. 276/96) & Assignment (p. 246-7)
  • » review: Ulmer’s pages about Emblem (all links)
  • Relays (review / discuss): Synecdoche, New York & in the white darkness

    » Additional Media to view (this week): online short videos

W 24-Nov Due: Exercise 5 (“Automatic Emblems” & “Default Moods”) — Prompt


F 26-Nov No Class—Thanksgiving

  • Weekly Blog Entry: optional / extra credit


» Suggested Reading: Ulmer (2009) “The Learning Screen” (required for M 29-Nov)


Exercise 5

Part I: “Automatic Emblems” (p.253)

    ~150 words (about 1/3 of total); image (1 minimum);
    optional (suggested): original / manipulated / composite (“Photoshopped”) image
         — Note: if creating image, counts as 100 words toward total.
    Prompt (textbook):
    “Test the productive effect of the gap by composing a readymade word-thing of your own. Your selections should be made arbitrarily, but use something from one of your mystory discourses.
    Choose a material object from Family, Entertainment, or History, and assign to it a title of an important text in your Career discourse. Document the object with photograph & detailed descriptions of its features.” (p.253)


Part II: “Default Moods” (pp.290-1) — 300-350 words (min.)

    Prompt (textbook):
    “Document or put into a narrative what you notice about the relationship between the behaviors you perform within a particular institution, your state of mind in this performance, and the official or stated purposes or objectives of that institution.
    » Note: discussion can not repeat points from Exercise 4; choose one specific example to describe (follow prompt).




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2 Responses to “Emblematic Gestures”

  1. After reading Chapter Nine I realized that our emblem should embody our default mood. But what is our “default” mood? It’s not exactly the easiest thing to pinpoint since were where constantly and naturally doing it. I guess the best way to figure this out would either through asking others or reading a journal that you’ve kept over the years.

  2. Ben Wade says:

    We need to be watching this as one of our internet shorts. If not, I think you should work it into the course for next semester somehow. This is mind-altering CG. This is beyond what I thought was even possible. As far as the relevance to our course, it sets a tone of almost nostalgic analysis. I think it does a pretty good job of expressing the concept of perception that Ulmer talks about, especially if you view it once without knowing it’s CG, and then again with the knowledge. The constantly shifting aspect ratios also speaks to this concept. I feel like the concept of life as art also touches on an element of wabi-sabi. This is an incredibly deep and relevant relay, and I just stumbled upon it while perusing the internet–perfect.

    Here’s the direct link if the embed code doesn’t work:

    The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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