Dec 4th, 2011

» “Contemporary American Lit” AML 2070-8599 Fall 2011

T 06-Dec    Last Class



W 07-Dec    » Optional Blog Entry (extra credit)

  • Optional Readings (which to respond):
    • Robert Coover, “The End of Books” New York Times (21 June 1992) Permalink
    • Scott Rettberg, “Experiments in Irrational Exuberance: The Present and Future of Electronic Literature” (The Context of Electronic Literature“) KAIROS Volume 7, Issue 3 Fall 2002
    • Paul Lefarge, “Why the Book’s Future Never HappenedSalon 04 Oct 2011

      And then…nothing happened. The Wikipedia entry for hypertext fiction lists no works published after 2001, and although Wikipedia isn’t the final word on anything, you have to think, if someone had written a hypertext fiction, this is where they’d want to tell you about it.


R 08-Dec    No Classes (“Finals Reading Day”)

  • Due: Friday   Response 5 (Creative/Hybrid Exercise) — Prompt
    — Extra Credit: Respond to classmate’s entry (due Sat) — Prompt


S 11-Dec    Due: Essay Revision & Reflection (optional)



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