week 2
M 01-Sep    No Classes — Labor Day

    * Con­tinue post­ing ideas for group focus/issues
    ini­tial list: here (needs update!)


W 03-Sep    Dis­cuss: artist state­ment (genre/form)

    * Bring/share mod­els (exam­ples of artist state­ment)
    post below or on your blog


Due (Wed. 10pm): Blog entry — artist state­ment draft


  • Sug­gest 250 words min­i­mum / 500 words max­i­mum
    — try writ­ing 250– and 25-word versions?

  • This is a first-draft, to revise and develop through­out the term
    purpose/context: of your choos­ing (e.g. a class, imag­ined sub­mis­sion, per­sonal website)

  • Can be set to Pro­tected; just share Post pass­word with GH by email
  • * Class-generated list of cri­te­ria & con­ven­tions below
    — remem­ber, need not cover all aspects!


    Between Wed-Fri: Con­tinue post­ing ideas for group focus/issues


F 05-Sep    Read: Droit­cour, “Why I Hate Post-Internet Art” (2014) blog entry

    » Activity/focus: Final­ize groups (by interest/focus) + setup sites (?)
    objec­tive (time-permitting): begin draft­ing group-site “cura­tory vision”
    * Fol­low­ing class: Begin net­work curat­ing (post­ing to group site)


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