→ reminder: Project 1 Poet­ics sec­tion due S 9/28
      (post on Project 1 page on your Word­Press site)
    * Resume group-site activity!


Stage II          Net­work Engagement
Project: Beyond “Clicktivism”

M 29-Sep   Read/discuss: Glad­well, “Small Change” The New Yorker (4-Oct 2010)

    » propose/discuss group Case Study (topic/issue)
    — see exam­ples: Hel­loCool­World cam­paigns  
    → Dis­cuss updates about group sites
    * continue/increase “net­work wit­ness” activ­ity (posting)

W 01-Oct   Read/Discuss: White, Micah. “Reject­ing Click­tivism.”  (4 Aug. 2010)

+“ Click­tivism is activism degraded into adver­tis­ing.”   (08 Oct 2010)

  • Group work: Find + try gen­er­at­ing audi­ence

      View & share class­mates’ groups? Pro­mote your group on social net­works?

    * Con­tact cam­pus / local organization(s)

F 03-Oct   Read/Discuss: Zuck­er­man,“New Media, New Civics?” (06-Dec 2013)  

  • Group work: progress report (con­tin­ued from Wednesday)


» Due: Blog entry — Project Reflection

    • From com­pos­ing project and read­ing your self-potrait & com­mu­nity story,
      any insights about iden­tity, expe­ri­ence, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, con­nec­tion, etc.
      in net­work media ecology?


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