Network Consulting


Stage II   Net­work Engage­ment — Project Week 5
    • Reminder: con­clude posts Thurs­day; Anno­ta­tions due Friday

M 27-Oct   Stu­dio   Group Col­lab­o­ra­tion: cre­ate emblem for cir­cu­la­tion — prompt

    • Review: Project Com­po­nents
    • Con­tinue post­ing + update/start anno­ta­tionsTem­plate
        *note: you might cre­ate a video (screen-recording with voiceover) dis­cussing posts — apps here


    • Start Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis of Case Study (campaign/organization)

W 29-Oct   Inde­pen­dent Work Project Com­po­nents:

    • Write Anno­ta­tions (update/create Par­tic­i­pa­tion Log page) — due Friday

    • Com­pile notes (key terms for anno­ta­tions, analy­sis, reflection)
    • Work on Rhet. Analy­sis (case study)
    • optional: remix Group Emblem for social-network cir­cu­la­tion
      (for 1 anno­ta­tion or for optional blog entry)




        » Call for stu­dent sub­mis­sions (writ­ing + art­work): Jour­nal 2020 (10/31 deadline)


    » Reminder: last (10th) post to group site! (due 10/30)
             → update par­tic­i­pa­tion log / anno­ta­tions page


F 31-Oct   Project Wrap-up


    Due :

      » Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis (S 01-Nov)
      » Reflec­tion & Pro­posal (S 02-Nov)


Questioning Networked Activism


      Due (S 11-Oct): Exer­cise 2Prompt here

    • also continue/increase group-consulting activity
        — Gen­er­ate audi­ence: share pages (social net­works); con­tact local/campus groups

        * reminder: par­tic­i­pa­tion credit; plus, need 10 posts for anno­ta­tions by 10/31

    • (from Fri­day) Begin finding/studying cul­tural relays (memes/viral exam­ples)
      → focus / appli­ca­tion: dig­i­tal rhetoric, “meme logic,” net­work cir­cu­la­tion (recomposition)


Stage II   Net­work Engage­ment — Project Week 3


M 13-Oct    Read/Discuss: Brown, “From Activism to Occu­pa­tion”  (2013) Cur­rents in Elec­tronic Lit­er­acy    
+ (from Fri­day) Ridolfo & DeVoss: “Rhetor­i­cal Veloc­ity and Deliv­ery” Kairos 13.2 (2009)

      » Focus/topic: net­work “occu­pa­tion” through “tac­ti­cal” strate­gies and/or rhetor­i­cal veloc­ity
      (cir­cu­la­tion + “re-composition” — like meme cul­ture)?

    • Dis­cuss group’s Case Study (campaign/organization)
      reminder: see exam­ple cam­paigns by Hel­loCool­World

W 15-Oct   Inde­pen­dent Work (see email for instruc­tions)

Read/Discuss: Jones, “Net­worked Activism, Hybrid Struc­tures, and Net­worked Power” (2013) Cur­rents in Elec­tronic Literacy

    • Focus/discuss: “net­work activism” (famous exam­ples) vs. “online con­sul­tancy” (EmerAgency)

» Blog entry: dis­cuss recent approach to your group posting

    — con­sid­er­ing “rhetor­i­cal veloc­ity”? “occupy/saturation” approach? con­trast with case study or hack­tivists?
    → dis­cuss explic­itly your new under­stand­ing of net­works (2 recent read­ings) and con­sult­ing role

  • for class­mate reply, read + com­ment upon group member’s entry regard­ing lat­est efforts + topics


F 17-Oct      Read/Discuss: Portman-Daley: “Sub­tle Democ­racy: Pub­lic Ped­a­gogy and Social Media”  (2013) Cur­rents in Elec­tronic Literacy

    • Focus/Activity: group con­sult­ing (Emer­A­gency) as “net­work ped­a­gogy“
      → facil­i­tat­ing civic engage­ment vs. “slacktivist”/“clicktivism“

» Project Com­po­nents (task/assignment):

    1. Par­tic­i­pa­tion Log (create/update); 2. Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis of Case Study (start this weekend)



Begin New Consultancy

week 2
M 01-Sep    No Classes — Labor Day

W 03-Sep    Read/Discuss: Elec­tronic Mon­u­ments Pref­ace + Intro­duc­tion (pp. ix-xxxi) *PDF in D2L

    » Focus: Method of Study, Class Per­spec­tive, On-going study
    — “Civic Engage­ment through New Media?” (Inter­net Pub­lic Sphere)

» Blog Entry   First Entry due Wed. 9pm; class­mate com­ment due Thursday


    • 200–300 words, infor­mal (“blog­gerly” voice = between schol­arly & personal)

    • Dis­cuss first read­ing, E.M. Intro­duc­tion
      sug­gest: link spe­cific point from read­ing / class dis­cus­sion to per­sonal exam­ple
      (par­tic­u­larly, obser­va­tions about social issue or net­work media & activities)

    • More on blog­ging as assign­ment here


  • Addi­tion­ally, com­ment on classmate’s post — by Thursday

* update   Thurs­day night: com­plete poll of your choices for group focus (issue/topic) — to arrange by preferences

      • Sec­tion 028 poll here (sign-in required)
      • Sec­tion 034 poll here (sign-in required)

F 05-Sep    Read/Discuss:

      » Final­ize groups by topic/issue; setup group sites/accounts


    * Beginnet­work wit­ness
    — post­ing on group site and doc­u­ment­ing on per­sonal blog