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Relay: Maus (Career+Family)

Schedule / Update | Posted by Gary Hink
Feb 06 2010

M 08-Feb Spiegelman:
                Maus I    (“My Father Bleeds History” )
      Discuss: Narrative & Image
      » reading tip: goal is not to “race through” this “quick read” — rather, examine more attentively, like when viewing the New Media sites in prior weeks.

    W 10-Feb       Maus I   

        Extract Lessons: Time/Frames & Design

      R 11-Feb       Maus II    (“And Here My Troubles Began”)

          Exercise (in class): “Micro Scenes” (p.92)

        F 12-Feb       Maus II   

            Online Discussion: “Relay” lessons
            (for Inventory & Project praxis)

            Due (Fri PM): Inventory updated through week 5




            » Note:   Group Presentations Page (for weekend preparation)

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