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Praxis: Invention

Schedule / Update | Posted by Gary Hink
Feb 13 2010
    » note: “Inventory” pages fully updated (late / “overdue”) — required for group work.
    » over weekend, collaborate with group (online).

M 15-Feb read: Strickland & Lawson: Slipping Glimpse

      Presentations: Groups 1 & 2

    W 17-Feb read: Strickland & Lawson: Vniverse

        Presentations: Groups 3 & 4
        Weekly Blog Entry: optional / extra credit
        » suggest: entry about Strickland (as relay); or Exercise: “Micro Scenes” (p.92)

      R 18-Feb “Studio”: Workshop (praxis, “tech-support”)—Project 1

      F 19-Feb “Studio”: Composition Work (independent)

          Note: necessary to show progress (“in progress”) this afternoon,
          in place of today’s class (otherwise, no Att/Part. credit).


        S 20-Feb          » Due:  Project 1

          update: (posted by/on “Saturday night” — no deadline time now,
          but I will check pages on Sunday morning.)
          — deadline for email to guarantee reply: 8pm
          (I will certainly read and try to reply afterward;
          definitely send any “emergency notifications” regardless.)

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