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Electracy Rhetoric

Schedule / Update | Posted by Gary Hink
Feb 21 2010

M 22-Feb Internet Invention Chp 5: “Interface Impressions”

      » focused reading: {pp.126-37; 140, 143, 150-4} — Key topics:
      “structural portrait” (Barthes); style, gest/ure, “interface metaphor,” dialogue (from Plato to Web).
      Discuss: Part Three “Entertainment” (Assignment 2 p. 127)

    W 24-Feb Internet Invention Chp 6 (155-77): “Cyberpidgin”

        » focused reading: {pp.155-60; 166-9, 173-8}
        — Key topics: “conductive logic” (pattern);
        “cultural discourse” (Entertainment = language for globalization); “syncretism,” “cyberpidgin”;
        “readymade”; “emblem”; “Alice” = “inventio”; “paleologic” (joke work)

      R 25-Feb Screening:        Brick (Dir. Johnson, 2005; 110 min.)
      F 26-Feb Attend UF Digital Assembly Conference: Futures of Digital Studies

          Meet in 282 Reitz (1:55-3:10pm panel)

              For preview Prof. Ulmer’s talk, see article: “The Learning Screen.”
              » Note: If you can not attend entire panel due to subsequent class,
              choose another from the conf. schedule (Thurs/Fri). (Contact me about arrangements.)

            E.C. opportunities:

              attend an additional panel (Att/Part.); blog about one presenter (blog/Part.);
              write a 500-word response to one presentation (Assign. credit).

          Due: Weekly Blog Entry (Friday PM)

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