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Communal Style

Schedule / Update | Posted by Gary Hink
Feb 27 2010
       » Note:  revised schedule (as announced 25-Feb).

    M 01-Mar         Internet Invention Chapter 7 (180-209): “History (School)”

         » key topics: 
        Narrative, “Donor,” Sender, Receiver, focalization; “Value,” “interpellation” (190);
        “Ficelle,” “quilting,” conductive inference/logic, Syncretism, fragment;
        secondary encounter” (“untimeliness”), retroaction, insight/attunement/endocept, Stimmung (& Voice)
        → closely read: Office, “On the Premises” (191), & all “Comment” sub-sections.

        Discuss: Project Two Part II “Community Discourse” (review: pp.191-2)

      W 03-Mar         Clips: Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (Dir. Gondry, 2006)

              Weekly Blog Entry: optional (due Friday, for e.c.)
              — suggest Exercise (p. 191) or prompt from last week.

            Due: Inventory Update (weeks 7 & 8; 5 new items)

            R 04-Mar         Due: Exercise 3 (“High Concept” p. 198) — Guide/Tips below .

            F 05-Mar         Spring Break (no class, away at conference)

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            Digital Studies

            online writing | Posted by Gary Hink
            Feb 27 2010


            Highlights of electronic literature referenced / demonstrated
            during FDS Conference:

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