Ten­ta­tive Sched­uleClasses, Read­ings, and Assign­ments

* sub­ject to change; updates posted here

Note on Group Project work:  most class ses­sions will begin with stu­dents’ exam­ples (curat­ing dig­i­tal cul­ture)  

 Week 1

 T 7/08       Dis­cuss: Class objec­tives, sched­ule, activ­i­ties, online plat­forms
      See: Web­site, guides

 * Begin group activ­ity / online plat­form.            Post: Blog intro

 W 7/09       Read/Discuss:       Jenk­ins: “Why Par­tic­i­pa­tory Cul­ture Is Not Web 2.0: Some Basic Distinctions”

& Rushkoff: “Rise of the Ama­teur: High Tech Human­ity” (2010)

                    Focus: Class Topic; Purpose/Argument; Group Project tasks  (in-class)                


R 7/10                    Bogost: “McLuhan/Facebook” Face­book and Phi­los­o­phy(2010): 21–32.   PDF (in D2L)

Focus/Activity: “Media Tetrad” (Tech+Culture Analy­sis; Exer­cise 1 & Project 1)                                

Due: Blog 1 (9pm)


F 7/11                    Jenk­ins (2009):   If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead (part one): media viruses and memes.” 

&If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead (part two): sticky and Spreadable—two par­a­digms.    

                                Focus: Net­worked Audi­ence & Con­text (rhetor­i­cal analysis)

 S 7/12                     Due: Exer­cise 1 (online)


Week 2

M 7/14                  Con­fronting the Chal­lenges of Par­tic­i­pa­tory Cul­ture: Media Edu­ca­tion for the 21st Cen­tury            (PDF in D2L)

excerpts:   “Enabling Par­tic­i­pa­tion” (5−14) & “What Should We Teach? Rethink­ing Lit­er­acy” (28−34)

Focus/Discuss: Dig­i­tal Cul­ture and “Pub­lic Ped­a­gogy” vs. School


T 7/15                   Lessig, Remix: Mak­ing Art and Com­merce Thrive in the Hybrid Econ­omy (2008)  (PDF in D2L)

excerpt from Chp 4 (“RW Revived”) — “Remixed: Media” (pp. 68–83)

+ excerpt from Chp 5 (“Cul­tures Com­pared”) — “Dif­fer­ences in Value” (pp. 90–97)

                                Activ­ity: Case Study / Model cri­tique      

Video: “Exam­ples of Remix Cul­ture                            

Due: Blog 2


W 7/16                  Con­fronting the Chal­lenges of Par­tic­i­pa­tory Cul­ture  

excerpt from chap­ter 5: “Core Media Lit­er­acy Skills”   

Focus/Discuss: Media & Inven­tion; Project 1 (top­ics & gen­er­a­tive strategies)


R 7/17                    Kuhn: “The YouTube Gaze: Per­mis­sion to Cre­ate?”  Encul­tur­a­tion 7 (2010)

                                                + bon­nie kyburz, “sta­tus update” Encul­tur­a­tion 8 (2010)   Video & Prezi

Focus/Activity:  Dis­course Com­mu­nity                                                                                             

Due: Blog 3


F 7/18                   Jenk­ins (2009): ‘If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s DeadParts 5–8 

Split in Groups:

Group activ­ity: Net­work Cul­ture and Learning/Instructions (Exer­cise 2 warm-up)

S 7/19                     Due: Exer­cise 2

Week 3                                                                                                                                                 

  * Begin Project 1

M 7/21     Ridolfo & DeVoss, “Rhetor­i­cal Veloc­ity and Deliv­ery” Kairos 13.2  (2009)

Issue/Focus: Updating/Inventing Dig­i­tal Rhetoric (cir­cu­la­tion as delivery)

 T 7/22                   Mihai­lidis & Cohen, Explor­ing Cura­tion as a Core Com­pe­tency in Dig­i­tal and Media Lit­er­acy Edu­ca­tion” (2013)

Focus: Inven­tion & Argu­ment (Project 1 warm-up); Ped­a­gogy of School, Web, Hybrid?                      

Due: Blog 4


W 7/23                   “The Rhetoric of Memes” selec­tions + 2 responses — The JUMP (2014)

Class Activ­ity: Media-Analysis (Project 1 topic; warm-up using group project examples)


R 7/24                   Project Work­shop: Analy­sis & Sup­port; Com­po­si­tion Review

* Mate­ri­als (draft) pre­pared for peer critique/feedback.

Also: web­text trou­bleshoot­ing


F 7/25                   Due: Project 1

                                Dis­cuss: Project 2                 

Activ­ityGroup work (blog updates)


Week 4                                                                                                                                                                                              

M 7/28                  Ulmer: “The Learn­ing ScreenNet­worked (2009)

Focus/Discuss: Project 2 (objec­tive & method)


T 7/29                     Rice: “The Mak­ing of Ka-knowledge: Dig­i­tal Aural­ityCom­put­ers and Com­po­si­tion 23 (PDF in D2L)

+ Ander­son video: “train­splain­ing again and again” (2014) 

Due: Optional Exer­cisesee course site for prompt  


W 7/30                  Brown: “Com­po­si­tion in the Dro­mos­phereCom­put­ers and Com­po­si­tion 29.1   (PDF in D2L)

+ Smethurst video: “Par­tic­i­pa­tion in an Exper­i­men­tal Human­i­ties” (2010)

Focus/Activity: From “case study” to inven­tion; mul­ti­modal com­pos­ing & cul­tural “relays”               

Due: Blog 5


R 7/31                 Carter & Arroyo (2011): “Tub­ing the Future: Par­tic­i­pa­tory Ped­a­gogy and YouTubeU in 2020”(PDF in D2L)

+ Carter & Smethurst (2011) video: “Par­tic­i­pa­tory Publics: From MEmo­ri­als to MEMEmo­ri­als     

Activ­ity/Focus: “Par­tic­i­pa­tory Com­po­si­tion” in school? (post-literacy)                                               

 F 8/1                     Reid: “Expos­ing Assem­blages: Unlikely Com­mu­ni­ties of Dig­i­tal Schol­ar­ship, Video, and Social Networks”

Encul­tur­a­tion 8 (2010) + video: Vir­tual Com­mu­nity, Vir­tual Imma­nence, Vir­tual Expo­sure

 S 8/2                   Com­plete group activ­ity       

Due:  Final Anno­ta­tions of group posts

S 8/3                       Due: Group Project part 2 tasks—Reflec­tion & Pro­posal


Week 5                                                                                                                                  

*start draft­ing Project 2                                                                                                                                                           

M 8/4                   Amerika: “Excerpts From‘Portrait Of The VJ”  Fibrecul­ture 2005

+ Kimoto video: “Rhi­zomatic Space” (2010)

Focus/Discuss: Project 2—multimodal com­pos­ing (media forms & net­worked plat­forms for expres­sion)      


T 8/5                     Hodg­son video: “A Post-Production Turn: New Media, New Prac­tice, New Ontol­ogy” (2014)

Activ­ity: Per­sonal Data­base Mate­ri­als (Exer­cise 4 & Project 2 warm-up)                                         

Due (9pm): Exer­cise 3  


W 8/6                    Stu­dio   Project Work­shop: Col­lab­o­ra­tive Activity—Mul­ti­me­dia Com­po­si­tion (style, deliv­ery, arrangement)

                                                * Draft work pre­pared for peer review/feedback & online troubleshooting

 R 8/7                      Stu­dio   Project Work­shop (Mate­ri­als pre­pared for peer review/feedback)

 F 8/8                     (Last Class)             Due: Project 2     

Dis­cuss: reflec­tion of com­pos­ing tech­niques, dig­i­tal rhetoric

 S 8/09                     Optional: Project Reflec­tion & Revi­sion (if nec­es­sary)—extra credit

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