Project 3 — Design




Lay­out: Blog refor­mat­ted for project; (see instruc­tions below).

  1. Sta­tic home page cre­ated.
  2. “Entries” page cre­ated.
  3. Required Pages cre­ated
  4. New title (cre­ative / applic­a­ble, re: “Emer­A­gency under­tak­ing” of your project)
  5. New theme (blog tem­plate)
  6. Cat­e­gories and Tags (cre­ate, rel­a­tive to topic)
  7. All old entries cat­e­go­rized and tagged);
      e.g. “weekly entry,” “research,” “response / exercise”


  8. Wid­gets: “Cat­e­gories” and “Tag Cloud” (min­i­mum / required) — Social Media/Network? (sug­gested)







Blog For­mat / Lay­out Instructions



* Cru­cial Pre­lim­i­nary step: Cre­ate / update new Pages

    1) Cre­ate a new page that will become your home/front page.
    2) Cre­ate a new page titled “Entries” or “Posts” (leave blank)
    3) Con­vert blog to sta­tic home page (WP Guide)
    (?) Cre­ate / update your About page.
    4) (impor­tant) Update your Cus­tom Menu




New Theme & Title

    Change Theme to one expres­sive of wide site & assemblage.

    1) Dash­board → Appear­ance → Themes

    Change title: re-name your blog with an apt title for project.

    1) Dash­board → Set­tings → Blog Title & Tagline

Enable “Tag cloud” & “Cat­e­gories” widget

    1) Dash­board → Appear­ance → Widgets

    * To tag and cat­e­go­rize entries:

    1) Dash­board → Posts → Edit Posts

    2) Select post to Edit → Add/type tags (right col­umn) → Click “Add” Button.

    3) “Cat­e­gories” → Choose/create (right column)

    *4) Click “Update” (right col­umn) to save (not updated, otherwise).

    reminder: don’t for­get to tag & cat­e­go­rize old entries





Tech­ni­cal Notes


» If using an image in entry,
con­sider post­ing one that is expres­sive (of mood in par­tic­u­larly sit­u­a­tion) rather than in mode of rep­re­sen­ta­tion.
→ To this end, sug­gested to use a manip­u­lated / edited image
(via Pho­to­shop, Pixlr, etc.).
— Con­sider expres­sion of posi­tion / per­spec­tive of the expe­ri­ence, (rather than a ratio­nal depic­tion or objec­tive reference).

  • For exam­ple, col­lage, mon­tage (sim­u­lated, “sto­ry­board”?); abstract illus­tra­tion, graphic dia­gram / chart, refash­ioned (age/time?), Sit­u­a­tion­ist Inter­na­tional tech­nique (Décol­lage, détourne­ment, mapped dérive)




    » Image Edit­ing (Adobe alternatives):


      GIMP (all oper­at­ing sys­tems)
      Pix­el­ma­tor (Mac OS only)
      Pho­to­shop Express — Web & App (mobile + tablet)
      Aviary app (Android & iOS)

      Cre­at­ing your own GIFs:

      sug­ges­tion: save GIF file & upload to your WP Media Library




      » If using audio:
      — try to embed the song or a clip when­ever pos­si­ble.
      → Recommended:

      • You might “trim” the track to just play par­tic­u­lar sequence/instance, using free soft­ware like


      • Then, upload your new file (edited, not orig­i­nal song) to Sound­cloud to embed
        (or use a free file stor­age site like Drop­box, Medi­afire, etc.)


      » For cre­at­ing video (Extra Credit for orig­i­nal work):

      • WeV­ideo
      • Scratch

      • Ani­moto
          — “Ani­moto auto­mat­i­cally pro­duces beau­ti­fully orches­trated, com­pletely unique video pieces from your pho­tos, video clips, and music.” (30-second clips)


      • SnagIt — screen­cast­ing in Chrome & G.Drive


      • Cam­Stu­dio
          — “Cam­Stu­dio is able to record all screen and audio activ­ity on your com­puter and cre­ate industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Pro­ducer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Stream­ing Flash videos (SWFs)”


      • Shwup beta
          — “Cre­ate fun home movies that we call muvees! You choose the con­tent, pick a style, your choice of music, and with the click of a but­ton, shwup will make you a muvee!”


      • OneTrue­Me­dia
          — free 30-second mon­tage video creation


      • Dig­i­tal­Films
          — free 30-second mon­tage video creation


      • iMovie (Mac)
      • Movie Maker (Win)

      » YouTube “Upload­ing Videos” (Help Topic)

      » YouTube: “Edit­ing Videos” (guide)







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