Classes, Read­ings, and Assign­ments — Updated 09-Sept

M 26-Aug         First Class                                                                    Dis­cuss: Syl­labus + Course Goals

W 28-Aug         Review: Course Goals & Tasks              Tech­ni­cal Setup: Word­Press Tutorial

F 30-Aug          In-class writ­ing: expe­ri­ence with com­mu­nity prob­lem, civic con­cern, social issue
                 Activ­ity: pro­pose groups focus/issues


M 01-Sep          No Classes—Labor Day                                                         *Final­ize groups focus/issues

W 03-Sep          Read/Discuss: Elec­tronic Mon­u­ments             “Intro­duc­tion: The Emer­A­gency”           Focus: Method

F 05-Sep           Zuck­er­man, “The con­nec­tion between cute cats and web cen­sor­ship” (16-July 2007)

+ Jenk­ins, “Why Par­tic­i­pa­tory Cul­ture Is Not Web 2.0  (2010)                           * Begin “net­work witness”


Stage I            Medi­ated Com­mu­nity— Project: “Ensem­ble Experience”

M 09-Sep      Face­book & Phi­los­o­phy (2010): Bogost (21–32), Butera (201–12), and Fraser & Doyle (215–30) PDF (D2L)    

W 10-Sep     Face­book & Phi­los­o­phy (2010):     
— chap­ters by: Wan­del & Beavers (89–96), Vejby & Wit­tkower (97–108), and Scholz (241–52)
Focus: “Rhetor­i­cal Sit­u­a­tion” 2.0

*Drop Dead­line

F 12-Sep           In-class writ­ing: draft­ing group “mis­sion state­ment“
+ setup site/s; begin post­ing about issue                 

Due (S 13-Sep): Exer­cise 1


M 15-Sep         Read­ings (select) Into the Blo­gos­phere: Rhetoric, Com­mu­nity, and Cul­ture of Weblogs (2004) Focus: Dis­course Community

W 17-Sep           Rice, “The Mak­ing of Ka-knowledge: Dig­i­tal Aural­ity” (2006) Com­put­ers and Com­po­si­tion23 (PDF in D2L)

F 19-Sep           Brown, “Com­po­si­tion in the Dromosphere”(2012) Com­put­ers and Com­po­si­tion 29.1  (PDF in D2L)


M 22-Sep          Stu­dio (work­shop): led byGroups 1 & 2                       Due: Inven­tory update (class prepa­ra­tion)
W 24-Sep          Stu­dio (work­shop): Groups 3 & 4                                 Weekly Blog Entry: optional / extra credit

F 26-Sep           Project Work­shop (cpu lab)—praxis, “tech-support,” peer feed­back (work in progress)

Due (S 27-Sep): Project 1

Stage II          Net­work Engage­ment— Project: Beyond “Clicktivism”

M 29-Sep          Glad­well, “Small Change” The New Yorker (4-Oct 2010)

    » propose/discuss group Case Study (topic/issue)
    — see exam­ples: Hel­loCool­World campaigns  


W 01-Oct          White, Micah. “Reject­ing Click­tivism.”  (4 Aug. 2010)

+“ Click­tivism is activism degraded into adver­tis­ing.”   (08 Oct 2010)

F 03-Oct           Zuck­er­man,“New Media, New Civics?” (06-Dec 2013)                Blog entry: Project Reflec­tion


M 6-Oct           “Inter­view with Rita Raley” (on “tac­ti­cal media”)
+ Case Study (Group topic)

W 8-Oct           Crit­i­cal Art Ensem­ble — “Tac­ti­cal Media” exam­ples
+ Elec­tronic Civil Dis­obe­di­ence (1996) excerpts (TBA) online (ebook)

F 10-Oct         Ridolfo & DeVoss: “Rhetor­i­cal Veloc­ity and Deliv­ery” Kairos13.2 (2009)
Dis­cuss: (group-consulting) writ­ing as Ephemeral (tac­ti­cal) or Cir­cu­la­tion (recom­pos­tion) or both?


Due (S 11-Oct):Exer­cise 2



M 13-Oct          Brown, “From Activism to Occu­pa­tion”  (2013) Cur­rents in Elec­tronic Lit­er­acy     + Case Study (Group topic)

W 15-Oct          Jones, “Net­worked Activism, Hybrid Struc­tures, and Net­worked Power” (2013) Cur­rents in Elec­tronic Literacy

F 17-Oct           Portman-Daley: “Sub­tle Democ­racy: Pub­lic Ped­a­gogy and Social Media”  (2013) Cur­rents in Elec­tronic Literacy

M 20-Oct          Lessig, Remix (2008)—selected chap­ters, free eBook (excerpts PDF in D2L)

+ relays (mash-ups, videos, stu­dent examples)

W 22-Oct          Reed: “Stings and Scalpels: Emo­tional Rhetorics Meet Videogame Aes­thet­ics” Cur­rents in Elec Lit­er­acy (2010)
+ Jane McGo­ni­gal: “Gam­ing can make a bet­ter world” (2010)

F 24-Oct      Read for dis­cus­sion & project application:

+ case study with new top­ics: Apps, Aug­mented Real­ity, Social Games

Due (S 25-Oct):Exercise 3

M 27-Oct          Stu­dio   Group Col­lab­o­ra­tion                           Review: Project Com­po­nents (Start annotations)

W 29-Oct          Project Work­shop: praxis, review, peer feed­back on work in progress                                        Blog Entry: optional

F 31-Oct           Due: Anno­ta­tions                                 Dis­cuss: Final components

Due(S 01-Nov): Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis; Reflec­tion & Pro­posal (S 02-Nov)


Stage III                     Assem­blage Tes­ti­mony—Project: “MemeMo­r­ial”

M 03-Nov        Elec. Mon­u­ments “Intro­duc­tion: The Emer­A­gency”                                                               *Shift “net­work wit­ness” focus

W 05-Nov        Elec. Mon­u­ments Chp. 1 “Metaphoric Rocks (Found­ing Tourists)”

F 07-Nov          E.M.Chp. 2 “The Traf­fic Sphere (A MEmo­r­ial Pro­to­type)”                                 Due: Blog entry


M 10-Nov        E.M.Chp. 3 “The Call (Abject Monuments)”

W 12-Nov        E.M.Chp. 4 “Trans­ver­sal (Into Cyberspace)”

F 14-Nov          Logo­rama (2009) + other online cul­ture exam­ple (TBA)Focus: Con­trast (Culture)

Due (S 15-Nov):Exercise 4


M 17-Nov        E.M.Chp. 5 “Form­less Emblems (Testimonial)”

W 19-Nov        E.M.Chp. 6 “The Agency of the Image (Upsilon Alarm)”

F 21-Nov          Carter & Arroyo (2011): “Tub­ing the Future: Par­tic­i­pa­tory Ped­a­gogy and YouTubeU in 2020”  (PDF)

                                                                                                Due (S 22-Nov):Exercise 5

Fall Break No Class (Mon 24-Nov – Fri 28-Nov)

M 01-Dec         E.M.Chp. 7. “Jus­tice Miranda (A Conceit)”

W 03-Dec         E.M.Chp. 8 “Soft Wish­ing Y (A Col­lab­o­ra­tion)”                                    Blog: Final “net­work wit­ness” entry

F 05-Dec          E.M.Con­clu­sion: “The Web of Changes” + Dig­i­tal Media relay (stu­dent examples)


M 08-Dec         Stu­dio   (work­shop): led by Groups 3 & 4                                 Due: Inven­tory Update

Groups: online dis­cus­sion (before & after presentation)

W 10-Dec         Stu­dio   (work­shop): led by Groups 1 & 2                                           Blog Entry: optional / extra credit

F 12-Dec          Project Work­shop: Dig­i­tal Rhetoric: Assem­blage Com­pos­ing & Net­work Audience

                                                                                                Due (S 13-Dec): Project 3

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