Mediated Research

* note updated schedule

    * reminder: begin “net­work curat­ing” (group posts)
    — share group site/s & begin seek­ing audience

M 15-Sep     Intro­duc­tion to Media Archae­ol­ogy by Huh­tamo & Parikka (2011)


    » Focus/Discuss: his­tor­i­cal con­text, media, and research method(s)
    — notes/quotes from Huh­tamo & Parikka here (below)

      optional: Parikka & Hertz, “Archae­olo­gies of Media Art” (2010)


W 17-Sep     Library Ses­sion: Nor­lin E260B

  • Focus/Activity: Infor­ma­tion Lit­er­acy, Skills, Begin­ning Research

» Blog Entry due (11pm); plus class­mate com­ment (due Thurs.)

F 19-Sep   Con­nor, “What’s Postin­ter­net Got to do with Net Art?“ (2013)

    Discuss/Activity: Research (toward Annot. Bib)
    Using Library Resources—espe­cially Oxford Art Online

      “Met­ro­pol­i­tan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online”


Art Experience

    **Impor­tant: com­plete urgent group tasks over week­end (see prior email)


Stage I Art in Media Ecol­ogy — Project: Analy­sis Webtext


M 09-Sep   View + Read for discussion:

    + See images @ Glitch Safari

    » Focus: Media Stud­ies per­spec­tive (art + tech)

W 10-Sep   Read for discussion:  

    » Activ­ity: exam­in­ing read­ings toward per­sonal nar­ra­tive (Exer­cise 1 — prompt below)

» Blog Entry (due 11pm)   draft your idea for group’s “cura­tory statement”

    optional: link explic­itly your per­sonal experience/interest (artist state­ment?) with group’s edi­to­r­ial vision…?
    reminder: class­mate (group mem­ber) com­ment due Thurs.

F 12-Sep   Inde­pen­dent Activ­ity: draft­ing group’s “cura­tory vision” or “edi­to­r­ial statement”

    sug­gest: cre­ate new Google Doc to collaborate

  • post your draft/contribution to Doc
  • read each member’s blog entry (Wed-Thur)
    — dis­cuss pro­duc­tively & respect­fully in Doc, toward over­all statement

» Due (S 13-Sep): Exer­cise 1 — instruc­tions below

Con­tinue read­ing


week 2
M 01-Sep    No Classes — Labor Day

    * Con­tinue post­ing ideas for group focus/issues
    ini­tial list: here (needs update!)


W 03-Sep    Dis­cuss: artist state­ment (genre/form)

    * Bring/share mod­els (exam­ples of artist state­ment)
    post below or on your blog


Due (Wed. 10pm): Blog entry — artist state­ment draft


  • Sug­gest 250 words min­i­mum / 500 words max­i­mum
    — try writ­ing 250– and 25-word versions?

  • This is a first-draft, to revise and develop through­out the term
    purpose/context: of your choos­ing (e.g. a class, imag­ined sub­mis­sion, per­sonal website)

  • Can be set to Pro­tected; just share Post pass­word with GH by email
  • * Class-generated list of cri­te­ria & con­ven­tions below
    — remem­ber, need not cover all aspects!


    Between Wed-Fri: Con­tinue post­ing ideas for group focus/issues


F 05-Sep    Read: Droit­cour, “Why I Hate Post-Internet Art” (2014) blog entry

    » Activity/focus: Final­ize groups (by interest/focus) + setup sites (?)
    objec­tive (time-permitting): begin draft­ing group-site “cura­tory vision”
    * Fol­low­ing class: Begin net­work curat­ing (post­ing to group site)



Fri­day Class Activities


1. In-class writing:
  • Reflec­tion: role of technology/media related to art for you as stu­dent (study­ing) and pro­ducer
    — fast­write: post on your blog (entry can be draft/saved and pri­vate if preferred)


2. Ideas for Group-Curating Topics/Focus
  • Dis­cuss in class and post ideas pro­posed in com­ments here
    (ini­tial list, to add/modify over weekend)


    PBS Dig­i­tal Stu­dios: “The Art of Data Visu­al­iza­tion” video (2013)

      note: see video descrip­tion for links to exam­ples shown



» (re)searching “what’s an exam­ple of a good blog to read?“
(para­phras­ing stu­dent question/request)


    — fram­ing, dis­cus­sion, links com­ing soon


Blog Setup

For class:


    We will setup our blogs Wednes­day 27-Sept
    feel free to cre­ate, mod­ify, and update yours as soon as you’d like — instruc­tions below.


Once you cre­ate your blog, please post your link in a com­ment below.
*This is impor­tant so I have your URL! (to update the blogroll ASAP, as well)

    Note if you’d pre­fer your blog to be pri­vate,
    fol­low these instruc­tions — be sure to give me (and class­mates?) access


In your first entry (a “post,” not a com­ment), briefly intro­duce your­self: flex­i­ble para­me­ters for this, but please include your major and grade level, as well as any other writ­ing courses you’ve taken; your cur­rent art classes (and any extra-curricular work/projects/interests);
your idea (“work­ing def­i­n­i­tion”) of your art field/medium in the 21st cen­tury,
given impact of tech­nol­ogy (dig­i­tal media, net­work­ing, con­sumer elec­tron­ics, apps, etc);
plus, any other inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion or media you’d like to share
(e.g. maybe an exam­ple of net­work art for your medium/field?
or a favorite image or video, meme from past or present? favorite or most-used “social media” platform?)



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Tech­ni­cal Instruc­tions for Blog Setup:

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