Touring (Theoria)


    » ReminderProject 2 tasks due : Rhet. Analy­sis, Reflec­tion, Proposal


Stage III   Assem­blage Tes­ti­mony
Project: “MemeMo­r­ial”

M 03-Nov   Dis­cuss Elec­tronic Mon­u­ments   Pref­ace + “Intro­duc­tion: The EmerAgency”

  • Re-read/review for overview   (PDF in D2L)
  • New focus + method (Project 3) introduced

W 05-Nov   Read/discuss: Elec­tronic Mon­u­ments   Chp 1 “Metaphoric Rocks (Found­ing Tourists)”

    Focus: Emer­A­gency; “tar­get” (project) — MemeMo­r­ial
    — Method for inven­tion: “CATTt” (from Intro­duc­tion))

  • Dis­cus­sion lead­ers:
    • 028: Tyler & Meagan
    • 034: Zach & Kenneth

→ for blog­ging, shift “net­work wit­ness” focus   (from group to indi­vid­ual con­cern, social problem)

F 07-Nov   Read/discuss: E.M.   Chp. 2 “The Traf­fic Sphere (A MEmo­r­ial Prototype)”

» Due: Blog entry — begin “net­work wit­ness” (com­ment optional)
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