Participatory Culture — and Civics?


    • continue/increase group-consulting activity

        — Gen­er­ate audi­ence: share pages (social net­works); con­tact local/campus groups

        * reminder: par­tic­i­pa­tion credit; plus, need 10 posts for anno­ta­tions by 10/31

    • project com­po­nents (start this week­end):
      1. Par­tic­i­pa­tion Log (create/update)
      2. Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis of Case Study
    • (from Fri­day) Begin finding/studying cul­tural relays (memes/viral exam­ples)
      → focus / appli­ca­tion: dig­i­tal rhetoric, “meme logic,” net­work cir­cu­la­tion (recomposition)


Stage II   Net­work Engage­ment — Project Week 4


M 20-Oct    Read/Discuss: Lessig, Remim (free eBook, 2008)
excerpts from chap­ters 4 + 5   (*read­ings PDF in D2L)
notes/quotes Doc here

    » Dis­cuss lessons of “read-write cul­ture“
    + par­tic­i­pa­tory exam­ples: mash-ups, viral videos, meme cul­ture (stu­dent exam­ples)
    → focus/application: 1. analy­sis (Exer­cise 3)
    2. using exam­ples as “relays” for net­work rhetoric (group-project techniques/innovation, com­pos­ing emblem)

W 22-Oct    Read/Discuss: Reed, “Emo­tional Rhetorics Meet Videogame Aes­thet­ics” Cur­rents in Elec Lit­er­acy (2010)

    » Dis­cuss: con­tem­po­rary cul­ture + ideas for par­tic­i­pa­tion (look­ing toward group emblem composition)

» Weekly Blog Post: exam­ple of network/participatory cul­ture (to ana­lyze for Exer­cise 3)

  • Embed media in entry + label genre of par­tic­i­pa­tory cul­ture (this all that is required)
  • Class­mate com­ment: com­mu­ni­ca­tion mode or logic of media (image, GIF, video, etc) posted?
    (dig­i­tal rhetoric observed: “lan­guage” or ver­nac­u­lar of the meme­sphere?)
    optional / e.c.: dis­cuss in terms of “pub­lic ped­a­gogy” (Portman-Daley + Lessig readings)

F 24-Oct      Group Progress Report (brief updates)

  • Prepa­ra­tion: review/compile notes on recent read­ings (use 3 in Exer­cise); choose rep­re­sen­ta­tive exam­ple to ana­lyze (posted Wed. or update)


    Optional — read for e.c. blog entry:
    Papa­gian­nis: “Work­ing towards Defin­ing an Aes­thet­ics of Aug­mented Real­ity” Con­ver­gence 2014 (PDF in D2L)
    or Gure­vitch: “Google Warm­ing: Google Earth as Eco-Machinima” Con­ver­gence 2014   (PDF in D2L)

    • Dis­cuss (optional entry): new tech­nolo­gies & emerg­ing plat­forms; poten­tial for (increased) net­work engagement?


Due (S 26-Oct): Exer­cise 3 “Meme­sphere Poet­ics” — Prompt



      notes toward com­pos­ing poetics/praxis, Project 1


      » task: “To extrap­o­late from lit­er­acy to elec­tracy, we need to find some pop­u­lar behav­ior in our medi­ated expe­ri­ence that is as famil­iar to us as hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion was to peo­ple in an oral appa­ra­tus.”
      — Ulmer, Inter­net Inven­tion p.143

      con­duc­tive logic? (infer­ence, “flash” of insight?)

      just as Plato invented the dia­logue as a hybrid with oral and lit­er­ate fea­tures,
      so too now is our con­sul­tancy a hybrid selected from oral, lit­er­ate, and elec­trate ele­ments.”
      — Ulmer, p.156



    modes of information

    Con­tinue reading