M 22-Sep   Stu­dio (project work­shop): led by Groups 1 & 2 (list of groups here)

    Due: Inven­tory of Notes (class prepa­ra­tion) — see below

      » Focus: review/discuss dig­i­tal iden­tity & net­worked com­mu­nity?
      — 4 “per­sonal data­bases” & com­pos­ite “self-portrait“
      — Review/Discuss Assign­ment objec­tives + approach


      Dis­cuss notes + project ideas in com­ments below (before + after class)

    » Due (late/updated): Notes (page on your blog)

    W 24-Sep   Stu­dio (project work­shop): led by Groups 3 & 4 (list of groups here)

    • prepa­ra­tion for “assem­blage por­trait” (lists, notes, sketch, out­line — using 4 data­bases)
      test site (Word­Press pages, Wix, etc) & soft­ware
      » Focus/Activity: dis­cuss + test dig­i­tal com­po­si­tion tech­niques
      — Review/Discuss Com­pos­ing Guide & begin Web-work

    » Weekly Blog Entry: optional / extra credit

    F 26-Sep   Project Work­shop (praxis):

      » Activ­ity: “tech-support” + peer feed­back
      (work-in-progress due)

    » Due (S 27-Sep): Project 1

      update: Poet­ics sec­tion due S 9/28
      (post on Project 1 page on your Word­Press site)

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    Blog Setup

    For class:


      We will setup our blogs Wednes­day 27-Sept
      feel free to cre­ate, mod­ify, and update yours as soon as you’d like — instruc­tions below.


    Once you cre­ate your blog, please post your link in a com­ment below.
    *This is impor­tant so I have your URL! (to update the blogroll ASAP, as well)

      Note if you’d pre­fer your blog to be pri­vate,
      fol­low these instruc­tions — be sure to give me (and class­mates?) access


    In your first entry (a “post,” not a com­ment), briefly intro­duce your­self: flex­i­ble para­me­ters for this, but please include your major and grade level, as well as any other writ­ing courses you’ve taken; your ratio­nale for (or inter­est in) tak­ing this course;
    a recent/on-going social issue (com­mu­nity prob­lem, civic con­cern, etc.);
    your idea (“work­ing def­i­n­i­tion”) of “net­work engage­ment”;
    plus, any other inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion or media you’d like to share
    (e.g. maybe a favorite image or video, meme from past or present? favorite or most-used “social media” platform?)



    Reg­is­ter @ WordPress
    WP Sup­port site


    Tech­ni­cal Instruc­tions for Blog Setup:

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