Disaster (Categorical)


    • Reminder: update “net­work wit­ness” with revised issue/focus & tasks (blog­ging)
    • Exer­cise due F 11/21 (choose prompt 4 or prompt 5)

Stage III   Assem­blage Tes­ti­mony
Project: “MemeMo­r­ial”

M 17-Nov   Read/discuss: E.M. Chp. 5 “Form­less Emblems (Testimonial)”

      Activity/Discuss: toward MemeMo­r­ial tes­ti­mo­nial — project focus & dis­as­ter (method)

W 19-Nov   Read/discuss: E.M. Chp. 6 “The Agency of the Image (Upsilon Alarm)”

    Focus/Discuss: assem­blage tes­ti­mony (chor­ag­ra­phy) — event-disaster as fig­ure (image category)

» Blog Entry: dis­cuss project focus + spe­cific con­cept (con­nect key point) — use/reference net­work wit­ness update

    • class­mate com­ment optional; sug­gest — respond to classmate’s entry in terms of praxis (applied the­ory),
      MEmo­r­ial tes­ti­mo­nial (assem­blage), regard­ing key point from chp 5 and/or 6 (also could dis­cuss her/his idea in con­text: Emer­A­gency con­sult­ing, col­lec­tive unconscious/blindspot, disaster-event as fig­ure, “chor­ag­ra­phy” [think-write par­a­digm], etc.)


      Reminder: pro­pose by 21-Nov to present at PWR Diver­sity Con­fer­ence
      — Group Emer­A­gency Net-Work (project 2) would make for great presentation/panel!
      “Pro­pos­als can be from any dis­ci­pline and in any genre – nar­ra­tive, analy­sis, mul­ti­me­dia, etc.
      *Pref­er­ence will be given to pro­pos­als that involve dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy* 100 word abstracts“

F 21-Nov   » Due Exer­cise (prompt 4 or prompt 5)

Apply by 11/21 to present!

Fall Break   No Class (Mon 24-Nov – Fri 28-Nov)

      » Reminder: com­pose optional exer­cise for extra credit over break
      (choose either ex 4/5 or optional prompt)