Network Experience

      **Impor­tant: com­plete urgent group tasks over week­end (see prior email)


Stage I Medi­ated Com­mu­nity— Project: “Ensem­ble Experience”


M 09-Sep   Read for dis­cus­sion: Face­book & Phi­los­o­phy (2010) (PDF in D2L)

    — chap­ters by: Bogost (21–32), Butera (201–12), and Fraser & Doyle (215–30)

      » Focus/Activity: Media Stud­ies + Rhetor­i­cal Sit­u­a­tion 2.0
      — notes/quotes here (Google Doc;   sign-in with @CU iden­tikey required to see form)

W 10-Sep   Read for dis­cus­sion: Face­book & Phi­los­o­phy (2010) (PDF in D2L)

    — chap­ters by: Wan­del & Beavers (89–96), Vejby & Wit­tkower (97–108), and Scholz (241–52)
      » Activity/Discuss: using new terms/concepts for ana­lyz­ing net­work plat­form
      (rhetoric & social exchange in media ecol­ogy   — Exer­cise 1 warm-up)

» Note: *Drop Dead­line (Wednes­day 10-September)

» Blog Entry (due 11pm)   — plus class­mate com­ment (due Thurs.)

F 12-Sep     Inde­pen­dent Activ­ity: Group Work

  • Draft group’s ini­tial “mis­sion state­ment” (Google Doc)

  • Setup group’s web / social-network account(s):
    — Face­book (page/group), blog (Word­Press), Twit­ter, Tum­blr, Pin­ter­est, Insta­gram, Vine
    → begin post­ing about issue (social prob­lem, civic action, com­mu­nity concern)

» Due (S 13-Sep): Exer­cise 1   — Instruc­tions Page

Begin New Consultancy

week 2
M 01-Sep    No Classes — Labor Day

W 03-Sep    Read/Discuss: Elec­tronic Mon­u­ments Pref­ace + Intro­duc­tion (pp. ix-xxxi) *PDF in D2L

    » Focus: Method of Study, Class Per­spec­tive, On-going study
    — “Civic Engage­ment through New Media?” (Inter­net Pub­lic Sphere)

» Blog Entry   First Entry due Wed. 9pm; class­mate com­ment due Thursday


    • 200–300 words, infor­mal (“blog­gerly” voice = between schol­arly & personal)

    • Dis­cuss first read­ing, E.M. Intro­duc­tion
      sug­gest: link spe­cific point from read­ing / class dis­cus­sion to per­sonal exam­ple
      (par­tic­u­larly, obser­va­tions about social issue or net­work media & activities)

    • More on blog­ging as assign­ment here


  • Addi­tion­ally, com­ment on classmate’s post — by Thursday

* update   Thurs­day night: com­plete poll of your choices for group focus (issue/topic) — to arrange by preferences

      • Sec­tion 028 poll here (sign-in required)
      • Sec­tion 034 poll here (sign-in required)

F 05-Sep    Read/Discuss:

      » Final­ize groups by topic/issue; setup group sites/accounts


    * Beginnet­work wit­ness
    — post­ing on group site and doc­u­ment­ing on per­sonal blog