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Stage II   Net­work Engage­ment — Project Week 5
    • Reminder: con­clude posts Thurs­day; Anno­ta­tions due Friday

M 27-Oct   Stu­dio   Group Col­lab­o­ra­tion: cre­ate emblem for cir­cu­la­tion — prompt

    • Review: Project Com­po­nents
    • Con­tinue post­ing + update/start anno­ta­tionsTem­plate
        *note: you might cre­ate a video (screen-recording with voiceover) dis­cussing posts — apps here


    • Start Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis of Case Study (campaign/organization)

W 29-Oct   Inde­pen­dent Work Project Com­po­nents:

    • Write Anno­ta­tions (update/create Par­tic­i­pa­tion Log page) — due Friday

    • Com­pile notes (key terms for anno­ta­tions, analy­sis, reflection)
    • Work on Rhet. Analy­sis (case study)
    • optional: remix Group Emblem for social-network cir­cu­la­tion
      (for 1 anno­ta­tion or for optional blog entry)




        » Call for stu­dent sub­mis­sions (writ­ing + art­work): Jour­nal 2020 (10/31 deadline)


    » Reminder: last (10th) post to group site! (due 10/30)
             → update par­tic­i­pa­tion log / anno­ta­tions page


F 31-Oct   Project Wrap-up


    Due :

      » Rhetor­i­cal Analy­sis (S 01-Nov)
      » Reflec­tion & Pro­posal (S 02-Nov)


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-- Gary Hink, Ph.D. Digital Composition Faculty Program for Writing & Rhetoric
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  1. » Project 2   Part 1 — last group task:

    • pro­duce col­lab­o­ra­tive “Prob­lem Emblem” for social-media account and for net­work circulation

      Cre­ate 1 orig­i­nal/composite image, to be cir­cu­lated
      — “rhetor­i­cal veloc­ity”: able to be remixed?
      — Apply “meme logic” stud­ied
      —— apply ideas from Exer­cise 3 (and “cul­tural relay/s” notes)
      —— explain ratio­nale (briefly) in Poet­ics (indi­vid­u­ally, for Part 2)

    • Group’s “logo” for Emer­A­gency con­sult­ing per­spec­tive? (mes­sage, per­spec­tive)
      — include, to some extent, this view…
      (ideas for how overt?)
      — include/feature prob­lem/issue in emblem, for net­work
      (for “par­tic­i­pa­tory civics,” “pub­lic ped­a­gogy,” pro­mot­ing engage­ment, etc…)

      → discuss/propose in class / group dis­cus­sion how best, and sev­eral ways, to do this col­lab­o­ra­tively
      (from all our study and your observations/insights thus far)

    » Design Apps:

    » Image Edit­ing Apps:

    GIMP (all oper­at­ing sys­tems)
    Pho­to­shop Express — Web & App (mobile + tablet)
    Aviary app (Android & iOS)

    Cre­at­ing your own GIFs:


    » E.C. Response Option (assign­ment points) — com­plete by 07-Nov:

    » Instructions:

    1. Visit post exhibit (Nor­lin Library East Gallery)
      — select 1 poster to dis­cuss
      — take notes and take photo
    2. Post 200-word response on your blog
      — dis­cuss rhetor­i­cal sit­u­a­tion, includ­ing location/display
      — present ideas in terms of analy­sis or cri­tique (limit/avoid sum­mary & descrip­tion);
      sug­gest: dis­cuss advantages/limitations, genre/delivery, medium/mode, and/or impli­ca­tions as aca­d­e­mic or public/community writ­ing in net­worked media ecol­ogy.
      — include your photo in blog entry
      bonus points: remix the poster-image or cre­ate GIF
      (com­pose response as sin­gle image, photo+text?)
    3. Send response (text or link) to Pet­ger Sch­aberg, Pro­gram for Writ­ing & Rhetoric Instruc­tor
      (see image for email address)
    » Key Read­ings from Unit 2
    — compile/review your notes for Project Com­po­nents
    (Anno­ta­tions, Rhet. Analy­sis, Reflec­tion, Pro­posal)

    Zuck­er­man, “New Media, New Civics?”
    White: “Reject­ing Click­tivism” + “ Click­tivism is activism degraded into adver­tis­ing.”
    Brown, “From Activism to Occu­pa­tion”
    Jones, “Net­worked Activism, Hybrid Struc­tures, and Net­worked Power
    Portman-Daley: “Sub­tle Democ­racy: Pub­lic Ped­a­gogy and Social Media”
    “Inter­view with Rita Raley”
    Ridolfo & DeVoss: “Rhetor­i­cal Veloc­ity and Deliv­ery”
    Lessig, Remix chap­ters (excerpts PDF in D2L)
    McGo­ni­gal, “Gam­ing can make a bet­ter world”
    Glad­well, “Small Change”

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